Thursday, 22 August 2013

Work in progress Wednesday

Oops.  Wrote this yesterday but I'm working nights this week so don't have a lot of time during the day to post as I have to sleep.  I thought I would post it at work during my midnight break but didn't end up getting one so no posting on Wednesday! (though I guess by midnight it would technically have been Thursday anyway).  Not a lot of time for crafting either this week, though I have just finished off a house warming present that shall be revealed next week when I give it to it's recepient!


Anyway, I've been working on this jumper for a while now, it started off as a jumper dress (Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki), before I realised the pattern was going to drown my petite-tending-to-dumpy figure.  I'd got as far as the armpits and was starting to increase for the pleats so decided to frog back a bit and use the top raglan yoke & arm patterns but just make it up from the bottom of the yoke downwards with increases & decreases to shape the waist (loosely based on the waist shaping for Owls from Kate Davies, which I have made twice and thoroughly recommend.  I've got another one queued up for me in a lovely forest green).


So far I'm pretty pleased with it, it fits well and I've only got 1 sleeve left to go.  There is however a WHAT THE FUCK?! moment coming...



I think I decreased for my waist shaping too drastically, I should have gone more gradually.  I'm hoping a shit-tonne of blocking will help and may try a small stitch on the inside if necessary.  But what the hell, they're on the back, no one will notice, right...

It's all a learning experience after all!

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