Sunday, 8 September 2013

Still Light jumper dress frankenjumper

Gosh, what a title.  This jumper started life as Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki (you can see an in-progress post over on Second Fiddle from February and it was last Wednesday's Work in Progress but I actually started this project almost exactly 1 year ago!) and gradually mutated into the jumper you see before you today.  I started the tunic with high hopes, but realised when it came to increasing for the front folds/pockets that the style wasn't going to suit me.  So, rather than take it all out and start again with a different pattern, I decided to go off road and turn it into a basic, plain sweater, the type you can pull on over a vest or shirt without having to worry about the colour or neckline or length of sleeve.  I don't have enough of those, I have a lot of multi-coloured fairisle that's difficult to match or thrifted sweaters that are too big.  I actually just consigned a few of these to the 'to be altered/felted' box, leaving me with very few sweaters to get through the winter!


I'm really pleased with the finished sweater, back nipples aside, which I'm told may vanish once it's blocked.  I'll be honest, I didn't block it before taking these photos, I just wanted to wear the bloody thing after a year in the making!


The yarn is an unknown tealy-green that Andrew's dad bought me from the Inverness car boot sale.  Classy, right?  He paid a princely £2 for it and I've still got at least half left.  Matching sweaters ahoy!  No, not another year of knitting with 4 ply...the horror...


I had several buttons in my stash that I wanted to use but the button hole is actually pretty small, so I was limited.  I like this tartan fabric covered button though, no clue how it came to be in my stash.  I think my buttons are breeding. At the very least, they're not using protection.


All in, it's been a productive weekend on the creativity front. I also made sushi for the first time (and ate it in the bath with the fifth Game of Thrones book, so decadent!)...


...and made prawn cocktail with the leftover prawns.  I heart food.


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  1. Your buttons comment brought on a smile. I've tried sorting my buttons into colours and placed in jars. Doesn't explain how I found a blue one in my white button jar.
    S xx