Monday, 21 October 2013

Upcycled broken mugs to plantpots

When we got engaged, my friend Carolyn and her husband Owen gave us these lovely Rob Ryan mugs.  Unfortunately, somewhere between the shop, her house and me the handles got broken in the box.  Owen did a heroic repair with superglue but their time as functioning mugs had come to an end.


They were so pretty though, it seemed a shame for them to sit in a cupboard unused since they couldn't be trusted with hot liquids (wink!) anymore.  So instead I turned them into plantpots.  Some 99p succulents from Homebase and compost and gravel I already had in the flat and voila!  Crisis averted.


Several people have commented on them, saying how much they like the idea.  I'm thinking of making a few more out of teacups as house warming presents for people.  I've already got the teacups, compost and gravel and any excuse to browse the plants in Homebase is always welcome!


The crack on the handle that brought short a dazzling career.  That's why we love upcycling though, gives poor broken things a second chance.  There's a metaphor for life to be found somewhere in there...

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