Saturday, 25 January 2014

Finished Owls sweater

January has so far been the long and depressing month it normally is.  My rota at work has changed, meaning I've worked the past 2 weekends in a row, leaving little time for crafts and blogging.  I'm thoroughly enjoying my first day off in 19 days - walking the dog, slow cooker stew, knitting in front of Dexter with hot's been a good day so far.  And I finally found time during daylight hours to take some photos for the blog!


This is the much anticipated (by myself mostly) Kate Davies Owls sweater.  This is the third one I've made, the first being for Victoria and the second for Mum.  I knitted it in some lovely New Lanark Chunky yarn I thrifted via Victoria, it's a gorgeous deep green colour and suits me perfectly, even if I do say so myself.  I love green, it brings out the touch of red in my hair.  I used to be a ginger kid and it's faded to a dull brown as I've got older but the sun and green clothes sometimes bring it out again.  My hair icon would definitely Scully.


The buttons were all in my stash, I used 'pearly white' as a theme as I didn't have enough for them to all be matching.  I love their mismatched look though, not all owls have exactly the same eyes, right?  And it suits my 2014 craft resolution to stash bust!


Front action


Back action - check out those severe increases and decreases


This sweater is super warm and cosy, I've worn it so much since finishing it a few weeks back.  Between the awful weather and my nocturnal time-off, it's taken me this long to get some photos taken of this little number.

Boob action 

Overall I'm really pleased with the result.  For some reason the knit seems looser than the two I've made previously, meaning when I bend my elbows or stretch forwards, the knit opens right up, making it look like I've got holes in my jumper.  I don't know if this is my knitting (I'm not aware of my gauge becoming looser WINK) or the wool?  Also, I need to learn stretchy bind-on and cast-off - the bottom hem is a little tight because my cast-on row is tighter than the ribbing, meaning it rides up a bit as I walk.  I'm sure it'll stretch the more I wear it and the ribbing rows themselves fit fine, it's the cast-on row that's holding everything tighter than it should.  New skill to learn for next time!

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