Sunday, 16 March 2014

Thrifted boxy shirt made fitted

It's been a long time since I've felt like sewing, after a couple of epic disasters just before Christmas.  I haven't even had much time to knit in these past couple of months but, with Spring just around the corner, I feel ready to get back on the crafting wagon.


This was a vintage Marks and Spencer St Michael's brand cotton shirt that I picked up on a thrifting trip to Glasgow, years ago.  It was 99p, a bargain.  The print is a cutesy blue floral pattern, perfect for Spring, but the cut was boxy and unflattering.  It's been waiting in my fabric trunk for years, all it needed was some bust darts and an inch or so taken in around the waist.


My first attempt at self-drafted and sewn bust darts and if I'm honest, I'm pretty pleased with them!  I could have taken more out in retrospect, it's still a bit blousey round mah lady parts but for a beginner's attempt, I'm happy.  There were some awkward moments standing in front of the mirror poking pins at my nipples, but no harm came to any boobies, you'll be pleased to know.


Overall, it's much more flattering and I've already worn it out for a cinema date.  It only took an hour as well, I'm sure in the future it'll be faster now I know roughly what I'm doing.  There was a lot of faffing on with pins and ironing, adjusting and readjusting.



All in, a success. Much nicer from the back too.  Now I just need a picnic in a meadow to wear it!

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