Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thrifted wool zipper purse

I knocked this up last week in about half an hour, now I'm comfortable enough with the tutorial to be able to do it from memory.  I needed a new purse, since mine was ex-charity shop and falling to pieces, and after having a very satisfying reorganisation of my craft room (including some purging to the fabric recycling/charity shop, proud of myself) I found these lovely autumnal wool scraps that had been languishing in my stash for god-knows-how-long.  I'm not even sure where they originally came from, but I love the colours so I'm glad I kept them.


The zipper is a vintage one I traded for online, some clothes that didn't suit me for a giant bundle of vintage zippers.  I haven't bought a zipper in years and it'll be a while before I've used all these bad boys up.  They're proper chunky, old-school, with big metal teeth and a bring-it-on attitude.



The tutorial is a super simple one from Molly's Sketchbook at the Purl Bee.  I thoroughly recommend this blog for their inspiring posts, beautifully shot photographs and lovely tutorials and projects.  This tutorial is a lovely, simple introduction to sewing with zippers and has endless opportunities to alter and personalise.  Perfect stocking fillers, for those of you organised enough to be thinking about the dreaded C-word already!


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