Monday, 18 August 2014

Hand knit hat from Studio Donegal wool yarn

You may remember this project from way back in January, it was a gift for Christmas from the lovely Victoria and I finally finished it a few months back.  Foolishly thinking it was summer and it would be several months until I got to make use of it, the weather then started with some serious rain and fog.  In August.  Welcome to Scotland you guys!



The pattern is from the amazing Pom Pom Quarterly, which is a lovely, gentle, knitting-themed read.  Perfect for autumnal nights in the bath.  I see on their website they have a podcast as well, if anyone has listened to it, let me know, I'm planning on stocking up on podcasts for the honeymoon and would love some recommendations.


Andrew helped me take these on the Meadows, which are literally opposite our flat and constitute about 90% of our regular dog walks.  In fact, I had to edit the dog pooping in the background out of one of these photos.  Thanks buddy.  Photos taken outside are so much better, aren't they?  Way less editing involved.  Thanks to Franca of Oranges and Apples for encouraging me to take the embarrassing plunge.  Next step, remote control camera and a tripod, then there'll be no stopping me!


Despite it being August, it was foggy and chilly, so the trusty Barbour was out in force.  I seriously haven't taken this off (except maybe to shower) since buying it in December, totally worth every expensive penny.  I love that it can be rewaxed and the hardware replaced, like the zip and poppers.  Although it was a large outlay at the time, from a thrift point of view it will more than pay for itself since I plan to wear it for the next 30 years at least.  Big pockets for dog treats and keys, little handwarmer pockets for me pinkies, all finished off with a tweed edging - just beautiful.  The only criticism I have of this jacket is the hood is a little on the short side, it finishes midway up my head, leaving my fringe and forehead exposed to the elements.  I was swithering over whether or not to add a pompom to this hat (Pom Pom suggests a Toft alpaca fur pompom, which would be decadence itself and completely amazing) but to be honest, the awesome geek fashion statement is outweighed by my desire to have my already-too-small hood cover as much of my head as possible.  Hat stays pom pom-less...for now...



The yarn is a gorgeous Studio Donegal 100% merino in this lovely mossy green that I think compliments my hair perfectly.  I've got a second skein left over so may contemplate a snood or maybe some gloves to match.  I do feel sad when summer passes by, but I do so love autumn knitting plans!


  1. LOVE the Barbour jacket. Also, laughing at the Toft Alpaca fur pom pom bit! The photos outside do look so much better, but I agree, I would be mega embarassed. If you ever fancy some farm themed photo shoots let me know! x

    1. Haha, thank you! I could get a bit addicted to Barbour, if I had more money! Also, farm themed photoshoot sounds amazing, lets do it sometime!

  2. The hat is delightful, a beautiful colour and yarn.

    1. Thank you! Green is definitely my favourite and I would use this yarn again, it's lovely :-)