Monday, 13 October 2014

Lola t-shirt planning

Remember when I told you all about my refashioned men's fairisle sweater for the Sew Amy Sew Repurpose Reuse Refashion competition?  WELL, I WON!!  I know, right?!  Who ever thought it possible that I would win a SEWING competition?!  I won the 'So Simple but So Effective' category but to be honest, I love that cardi with a passion so even if I hadn't won the competition, I definitely won at this particular project!

After refashioned men's fairisle sweater by Craft & Thrift

My prize?  My choice of pattern from a range of awesome indie designers.  I chose the Lola T-shirt pattern from Tessuti Fabrics, I figured it would be a simple but effective (see what I did there?  Eh? Eh?!) pattern to help me master my new-to-me overlocker but also the kind of pattern I would wear over and over.


It's a download and print at home PDF affair, which I love because there's less pressure to trace or cut it out, where I inevitably go wrong and waste an expensive paper pattern.  I raided my stash (in my ongoing 2014 resolution...) for fabrics and came up with these that I think fit the bill as either cotton, viscose or linen knit.  I think.  They are all thrifted after all so I'm actually not sure what they all are.


First up, scrap of knit bought from St Albans market (where my folks live) approximately 75 years ago.  I kid.  But seriously, it was YEARS ago.  I'm not so keen on the slightly wacky, 70's style pattern, but I like the brown and I figured as a possible wearable muslin, it would be a good place to start because if it doesn't work out, I'm not hugely fussed by the fabric.  Down side though, it's pretty thin and stretchy, which I think might make my life difficult.  Plus side, cost me 75p because the stall holder had vanished and after waiting in the rain for 10 minutes for him to return, I got bored and left the change in my wallet on the table and took the fabric. I feel guilty about it now (sorry St Albans market Fabric Dude), but to be fair, who leaves their market stall unattended without at least a sign?


Second up and second favourite, black with red flowers.  I like this a lot but large prints don't tend to suit me, being of the small variety.  Also, black will go with nothing in my wardrobe since brown is the base colour for my clothes.  But still, wearable muslin and all that.


Third and best, the green.  I really like this and think it'll suit me best and get the most wear but we'll see.  That's why I'd like to do the first two first, as a practice run so by the time I get to this one I hopefully won't make any stupid mistakes.  This is the thickest weight-wise though, so not sure if that's going to work with a drapey t-shirt.  We'll just have to wait and see!


  1. Congratulations on your win, the fabric looks wonderful good luck with it.

  2. Congratulations! I might have to come over and have a shot at your overlocker once I figure out this knit fabrics lark!

    1. Definitely! I'm in the figuring out stage as well, we can muddle through together!