Tuesday, 18 November 2014

#secondhandfirst : day 2

Another day, another badly lit, flash photography selfie!  I have new found respect for fashion bloggers, it is difficult to photograph yourself!  Not only is the light against you this time of year (unless you work from home or have flexible working hours so can take pictures during the day), I find it really awkward to pose.  I guess I've never been hugely comfortable in front of the camera, I don't mind having my photo taken but I'm not a natural and tend to tense up, making for awkward or weird facial expressions or poses.  I'm suddenly super aware of what I'm doing with my arms or my hips when I step in front of the camera.  Anyone got any tips for how to look less awkward and dorky?!

Amy 2

Anyway, day 2.  Back to work today so sporting a thrifted skirt that originally came as part of a set from a charity shop.  It was £15 for the jacket and skirt, complete bargain.  As you can see from the very unflattering before photo below, the skirt was just that wrong length, mid-calf and totally unwearable.  1 episode of The Killing later, and it was taken up to just above knee, perfect for work.  Love a DIY, thrifted project!

Vintage suit


  1. Nice staple skirt. I have the same difficulties taking photos... I guess it helps when I have time and take too, too many photos, doing goofy or otherwise embarassing poses on purpose, so that when reviewing it I find some simple ones where I am more loosen up :)

    1. Love this idea! Definitely trying that next time!