Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gamer gauntlets (or how I knit gloves for geeks)

A while back I knit Andrew a pair of fingerless gloves with the logo of his latest computer game, Planetside 2, on the back.  In fact, it's the logo of his chosen faction, Terran Republic, who he swears are the good guys but according to Wikipedia are "An authoritarian government that leverages military might to maintain strict control over the colonial citizens."  I'm suspicious my fiancĂ© is secretly a military dictator, instituting martial law from our spare bedroom.


Anyway, he posted them on his clan's facebook page (Men In Turrets, for any Planetside 2'ers in the audience) and they. went. NUTS!  They were so popular I offered to knit them for sale, thinking I might get one or two people interested.  So far I have made 5 adult pairs and one child's set, meaning I've made nearly £100 from gloves.  GLOVES!  It's mental.



I love crafting and blogging but I don't have any aspirations that this will ever turn into a book deal or teaching sewing classes or opening a shop, the way so many other blogs have done.  I'm happy that this is a hobby that I enjoy and the added bonus is that it occasionally makes me some pocket money.  To spend on more craft stuff of course...this whole crafting-for-money thing could become very addictive, like Breaking Bad or something...

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