Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vintage pillow & thrifted fleece to baby blanket


Another upcycling project, in a similar vein as the Kilt + Sweater = Cushion project.  I love combining two items that by themselves are nothing special, to create something that you can proudly give as a gift and say, "I made that".  I especially like the thought that in doing so, you're keeping unused, unwanted textiles from ending up in the landfill. A double wammy of feel-good!


This was a super quick and simple project, for my friend Heather's new baby.  I found the vintage pillow slip in a charity shop for 99p and I do love me some E.H. Shepard so I snapped it up.  Between moving from York to Edinburgh and changing jobs, the past 2 months have flown by so Jasper's arrival caught me somewhat by surprise.  For the first Maciver baby, I knitted a cardigan with sheep round the yoke, so I feel a bit guilty that this craft offering is so simple in comparison but Heather assures me it will be super useful.  She has to say that.


I backed it with navy fleece from an Ikea blanket I inherited from a friend, it's warm, soft and easy to wash along with the 100% cotton topper, so practical for a baby who produced copious amounts of bodily fluids in the hour and a half I was visiting.  Love a good baby project, so quick and simple yet so satisfying!

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  1. Aww, this is adorable! I love the Winnie the Pooh print.