Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Purple polka dot sorbetto top

This is my second Sorbetto top but my first for myself.  The first was for my friend Victoria and I still have enough of that material left to make a matching one for myself.  I can't decide if that's tragic or not but I might just do it anyway, I love teal.  The Sorbetto, for those not in the know, is the awesome free pattern from Colette Patterns.  It's super simple, so perfect for beginners and you download and stick it together at home, meaning when you inevitably balls up the cutting out part as I did, you can just download another!


I'm really pleased with how this one turned out, despite a few hiccups along the way.  Practice makes perfect right?  I love the fabric, it's some kind of synthetic material that I bought with Vicky from Walthamstow market in London, but it's nicely drapey and easy to iron so is perfect for a beginner.  It's a nice shade of purple that matches a lot of my clothes, though sadly not any of my cardigans.  Ah well, I've been needing an excuse to thrift some new-to-me cardies and I've accrued £10 credit at my local Salvation Army for donating enough unwanted stuff (£2 credit per bag!) so I feel a charity shopping spree on the horizon.


When I make my next (possibly teal) Sorbetto, I'm going to add a couple of inches to the length.  This one is just a bit too short for my comfort, I feel like if I reach up I'm going to expose my wine-induced love handles.  Also, the Instagram close up of my boob that some of you may already have seen if you follow me over there, shows some dire thread matching in the dartage area.  In fact, completely non-existent thread matching, that shit is just plain white.  So next time, I will thread match properly/at all.


Overall though, a success!  I've worn it several times since making it and not yet been asked if I made it, which I always take to mean people wouldn't expect it to be handmade.  Maybe I'm just being hopeful here, maybe it's so OBVIOUSLY handmade that people are too embarrassed to comment.  Who cares, I like it!

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