Saturday, 7 December 2013

...and the winners are...

*drumroll please*

It's time to announce the winners of my Handknit gloves and hats giveaway!  (probably should have come up with a catchier title on reflection).  I've had lots of fun with chosing the winners!

  • The most popular item was the purple cable gloves, who will be winging their way to Jaclyn Reynolds.  I'm glad they're going to a good home, I do love them but I never wear them and they deserve more love than I can give them.
  • Else won the Penis Gloves.  I'm sad to see you guys go, I only wore you twice before I realised that they were basically falling off my hands.  Mental note - must knit more gloves.

  • Lorraine - you'll be getting the headband!

  • Sarah T - the wool bobble hat is yours.

  • Keith has been bequeathed the cream hat.  It'll keep yo'head snuggly warm!

No one wanted the poor, sad fingerless gloves.  But, since they're the only item not made by me and no one wanted them, I'm going to take that as a sign that you all wanted a piece of the Amy-made love.  You're welcome.

Thanks so much for entering everybuddy and sharing my little corner of the blogosphere with the world.  Welcome to my new readers!  I hope to not disappoint.


On that note, onto the crafts!  Just a little one this evening as I'm got a date with a bath, a glass of wine and Neil Gaiman.  I've been ill most of the week so I'm indulging now I feel back to normal.  I made this little guy a few weeks back for my mobile, after an unfortunate incident that led to a broken screen and a claim on my phone insurance.


How cute is this fabric?!  And I'm a vet, so how appropriate?!  The only non-appropriate part is that it's white, so it already looks a bit grubby.  Since it's lined with some stash-satin, I'm not sure it wouldn't shrink horribly in the wash so it's a handwash jobbie for definite.  Also, since I've started to use it, 2 buttons are a bit impractical, its a bit of a fumble to get the mobile in and out.


Overall though, a success and I use it all the time now.  And all from stashed fabric and buttons, how thrifty am I?!  Now to go spend all my monies on Christmas presents instead.

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