Thursday, 5 December 2013

Countdown to Christmas!


It's only 20 days until Christmas everybuddy!  We bought and put up our Christmas tree this weekend and I'm going to use the leftover branches to make a wreath next weekend.  I also dug out our advent calendar, one of the first of my 'proper' craft projects (i.e. more than just an oddly shaped rectangle I called a 'scarf') made about 7 years ago.  Despite how amateur and wonky it looks now, I still love it, it's so bright and Christmassy.  Every year I buy a tin of Roses and put 2 sweets in each pocket.



Sometime soon I'm going to replace the horrid wire coat hanger with something more smart, but every time I go to replace it, I get all nostalgic for my early crafting days and leave it as it is.  The backing white fabric was originally a table cloth and all the beads and fabric were from my early stash.  I still have some of these squares left over!


I love holiday traditions.  I'm working over Christmas this year so I'm determined to enjoy the festive season these first 2 weeks to make up for missing out on Christmas week itself!

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