Sunday, 1 June 2014

Finally finished handknit gloves...just in time for summer

I've been working on these gloves on and off since Christmas.  I find that somehow projects for me get bumped, in favour of projects for other people.  Despite making a New Year's Resolution last year to craft more for me, I still find myself easily distracted by making gifts.  Somehow it's easier to justify time spent in front of the TV knitting when it's a present for a friend's baby, as opposed to a sweater for me.  It feels like if I'm just knitting for me, I should really be spending that time more productively by doing the washing up or cleaning the bathroom.  You know though, even as I write that, it sounds so silly.  Of course I should make time to craft for myself, no one ever looked back on their deathbed and thought, "I wish I'd done more washing up".  Whereas I might regret not knitting myself a Jenny at the Fair or a Featherweight cardi.


I finally finished these though and I am delighted with them!  It's Sirdar 5840 and I've made it so many times now I could almost do it in my sleep - Gamer Gauntlets x 5, Stripy gloves, Nautical gloves.  Sadly it's too warm now to wear them but at least I'm getting ahead on my autumn knitting!



I went with fingerless to make it easier to use my mobile and walk the dog whilst wearing gloves.  I like the little mitten bit though so I can keep my fingers warm.  Win all round, right?



I liked the stripes I've made in the past, but I fancied something a bit different for mine so I went with the dots instead.  They're all made from stash wool as well, 100% wool and the grey is left over from my sweater made from British Herdwick.  Also, check out those tidy innards!


Nice simple cream buttons from my stash, I didn't want anything too fussy since the dots are already quite busy.  Very much looking forward to wearing these this autumn!

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