Saturday, 7 June 2014

Fairisle baby jumper

Another successful baby sweater using the amazing Scrap Sweater for the Small Ones pattern by Yarn Madness.  This pattern is designed to knit a lovely, simple raglan-sleeved sweater using scrap yarn leftovers.  It's perfect for that, you can alter the design as necessary, depending on the colours and amounts of yarn you've got to work with and you can fiddle with the length of the sleeves to accomodate your stash yarn rapidly disappearing before your eyes! 


This one knit up even faster than my Dala horse sweater, mainly because I didn't have to frog the colourwork section 5 times before getting it right.  There are still a few little (or not so little!) mistakes though, which is annoying but takes me closer to the perfect sweater every time.



For example - see the top picture?  (Almost) perfect colourwork, right?  Ha.  Now look at the picture below it.  There's an obvious step where the start and ends of the round joined.  I'm not entirely sure what I did here, since it wasn't obvious to me at the time that I was making a mistake, it looked like the pattern just seamlessly continued.  One to look out for next time.


Also, see here in the yoke?  The first section is knit on straight needles, then the increases done in the round.  There's an obvious difference in tension, despite using the same width of needles both times.  Weird.
On top of that, the collar will not lie flat, despite ample blocking.  I don't know if this is the yarn, my knitting, or my blocking, but either way, it's ANNOYING!


I used a little train button from my stash to finish off the collar, which is supposed to be the front of the sweater but may have to be the back to hide the awkward stepped fairisle.  Sigh, practice makes perfect right?  And I'm sure the baby won't care! I'll definitely be making this one again, such a nice, quick, easy make and knitted up in about 3 days.  Perfect summer project!

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