Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Stash-bustin' crochet baby blanket

I made this for the same baby who received the slightly wonky Dala horse sweater.  The plan was to use up some mohair 4ply I had in my stash in various colours to make a blanket.  Unfortunately I slightly misjudged how much yarn I had and this blanket ended up being super small.  Perfect size for a cot or buggy, but useless as a regular blanket.  Oh well, I guess she'll get a year or two of use out of it until she outgrows it!




I had a baby blanket when I was little that had a silky ribbon edge to it, I remember sucking my thumb and rubbing the silky ribbon together in my other hand.  I used to like the feel of the ribbon, so I thought I'd add a similar ribbon edging to this little blanket.  I bought some wide ribbon from Hobbycraft and hand stitched it around the edge, doubling it over to enclose the edge of the crochet, like bias binding.  I happened to have some matching thread in my stash and overall, I'm pretty pleased with my hand sewing.  Sure, it's not the most regular and I'm sure my 18th century governess would have had something to say on the subject of accomplished ladies but it does the job and it's not too shabby.  Especially given it's probably about the third time I've ever hand sewn anything more than a button.



I bought some lace-weight mohair off Ebay and ended up using it doubled up to create the white borders.  I like how it gives the blanket a more cohesive feel, less mismatched, especially given than the coloured sections don't necessarily go together all that well.



Overall though, I'm really pleased with it.  I like the colours and the ribbon border and the parents seemed very happy with it as well, so I deem that a success!  I stupidly bought about 10 more balls of white mohair yarn than necessary so despite it being a stash bust on the coloured yarn front, I've now added a load of white mohair to my stash instead.  In lace weight, which is a weight I loathe and try never to knit with.  Sigh.  When will I learn?!


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