Saturday, 2 August 2014

Trawl through 'Saved for Later'

We all do it, I'm sure.  Click 'Save for Later' on Feedly (or your blogroll equivalent) and then promptly forget what's stored in that little folder.  Pinterest (feel free to follow me, Craft and Thrift on Pinterest or see my widget at the bottom of the page!) is a much better way to organise your saved links, since you have a quick visual run-down of your pins every time you pass through your boards, but sometimes I can't be bothered to pin stuff on my tablet, since it's not as straightforward as clicking the 'Pin it' button.  So, interesting articles end up in 'Saved for Later' folder, never again to see the light of day.


Just a nice picture of a starfish from my Instagram.

Until now.

My new blog series will feature 5 or 6 interesting links pulled from my Feedly 'Saved for Later' folder.  I'll try and theme them each time, but if something's super interesting, I'll just put it out there for y'all to read!

This week's loose theme is 'Regaining Control'.  It's been an emotional rollercoaster over the past few months, between finishing the internship, starting my new job and rushing towards the last few weeks before the wedding.  I feel a bit out of control of my own life, if I'm honest!  Sometimes that's a nice feeling, other times it's super stressful.  These are a few links that have inspired me to regain control:

1) #GIRLBOSS discussion - From A Beautiful Mess' bookclub, this book title caught my eye because being my own boss is something I'm beginning to seriously think about.  Not for a few years yet mind, but it's fun to dream!  I plan to download this book and take it on the honeymoon.

2) Coletterie posted an interesting article recently about, 'How do you get rid of things you've made?'  This is a topic I struggle with, it's a constant battle between wanting to keep my home clean and clutter-free, but equally having spent hours of time creating something that Just. Looks. Shit. it's hard to give up and move on.  So these little ugly bits of clothing end up lurking in my wardrobe, bothering me every time I pull out my favourite jeans.

3)  Also from Coletterie, a Weekend Reading post that included a great article about decluttering.  There's nothing more satisfying and great for regaining control than a good sort-and-chuck-out!

4) Tilly and the Buttons wrote a really interesting and useful piece about photographing your craft projects.  This is something I struggle with, living in a cluttered, dirty, old flat and not having a private outdoor space.  I would love to regain control of the blog, post more regularly, take better photos and generally grow and develop this little corner of the blogosphere.  This article is a step towards that goal!

5) Last but not least (and at the risk of sounding like a fan girl), yet another interesting article from the Coletterie (seriously you guys, get over to that blog already!).  This time on 'Channeling desire into creativity'.  This is something I definitely struggle with, finding the time, energy and motivation to turn dreams into reality.  Be it learning to use my overlocker, cleaning and sorting my flat or finding the strength to stand up for myself at work, sometimes it's far easier to dream than it is to make those dreams reality.

Hope you guys find those articles interesting!  Feel free to post back with anything that's caught your eye this week.


  1. Thank you, great post. Plenty to read here, will be back to finish off later.
    S xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know what caught your eye!