Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn/fall knitting plans

Apologies for another filler post whilst I'm on my honeymoon, normal service will resume next week, with a hand sewn skirt and crocheted cowl to share with you all!  In the meantime, I'm loving all the fall inspired crafts popping up in the blogosphere, this is definitely my favourite time of year.  With the chilly morning dog walks, nights closing in and fireside evenings to look forward to, it's the perfect time to plan some knitting projects.  Here are a few I've got queued up (feel free to add me on Ravelry - CraftandThrift!), what's on your needles this season?

Strokkur by Ysolda Teague

I've been dying to make Strokkur by Ysolda Teague for ages now.  Andrew and I are planning a trip to Iceland hopefully next year and it would be amazing to have an Icelandic inspired sweater to take with me!  There are a few Ysolda patterns I'd love to knit, I should really just get on and buy one of her books to be honest.  Support a fellow Edinburger!

Twing Trees by Sarah Bradberry

4 years ago I made Andrew a blanket out of recycled wool sweaters, backed with fake fur.  Although it's possibly the ugliest thing I've ever made that didn't end up in the fabric recycle bin, it is super useful and we snuggle under it daily, either on the sofa watching TV or in bed.  It seriously offends my eyeballs now though, especially because some of the thinner sweaters have bobbled and ripped quite dramatically, so I'm planning on knitting a more attractive top layer and cutting off the sweater layer.  So basically replacing the sweater layer with a knitted top.  The pattern I was going to use for the top was Twining Trees by Sarah Bradberry, it looks simple enough to do whilst watching TV but complicated enough to keep my interest, since I do have a double bed sized amount of squares to make.

Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond

After the success of my British Herdwick sweater, which I wear a lot despite being so itchy and rough I feel like it's giving my skin a gentle exfoliation as I move, I want to make another similar jumper.  This time in less brambly yarn.  Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond looks just the ticket, easy to sling on over anything for walking the dog or running errands.

Owlet by Kate Davies

As mentioned in my previous post, Kate Davies' Owlet is on my Christmas knitting list, this time for my god child (of Dala horse sweater fame).

So much knitting, so little time!  Feel free to share your knitting or crochet plans below...


  1. I love the baby jumper, the owls are adorable. I am crocheting cushion covers at the moment. Hope you are having a wonderful time.