Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hand made bunting from floral fabrics

I recently bought this amazing string of hand made bunting from Lapin Gris Vintage.  Based in Devon, Lapin Gris specialises in vintage themed lovelies for your home.  From scented candles in vintage jelly moulds, to 1950s framed adverts, to chintzy cake stands, Lapin Gris has it all.  You can check out the website here, facebook here and twitter here.




I love the floral fabrics, the bright colours make them less twee and more fitting with my personal style.  I like some floral chintz in my home, but too much pastel and flowers can be a bit granny if you're not careful.  The blue polka dot string is just too cute as well.

Check out Lapin Gris Vintage, either via t'internetz or if you're lucky enough to be in Devon, in any one of the many vintage and craft fairs they frequent!

Disclaimer: I bought my string of bunting, all views are my own.

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