Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fabric and sewing/knitting books giveaway!

In the spirit of #secondhandfirst, I had a little clear out and reorganisation at the weekend.  I sent a few bags of things to charity, moved some old clothes into the refashion pile and found a few bits I thought you lovely people might enjoy.  Christmas is a time for giving and it would give me great pleasure to pass these items on to someone who might get more enjoyment out of them than I have.

To that end, it's giveaway time!  Check out the following lovely things to be passed on to my fellow crafters, sewists and knitters and see the rules for entry at the end of the post.  Good luck my lovely readers!

1. Large piece of light jersey fabric.  This piece measures roughly 330cm x 75cm so it's a bit of an odd size but there's certainly plenty of fabric there.  It is technically two pieces of fabric sewn end to end, so there is a seam down the centre.  Lovely floral pattern of red, white and grey flowers on a black background.


2. Generation T: 108 ways to transform a t-shirt by Megan Nicolay.  This is in very good condition, other than one slight dent on the top edge and my darling brother has written a merry Christmas message on the inside cover.



3. 99 ways to cut, sew, trim and tie your t-shirt by Faith and Justina Blakeney.  This is in pretty much perfect condition.  Nice ringbound layout so it lies flat as you're using it.



4.  Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie.  In perfect condition.



The Rules!

Super simple, just Facebook/Tweet/Instagram a link to this blog post AND follow me on either Twitter (@Craftandthrift) or Instagram (Craftandthrift) - check out the links on the right hand side.

Leave a comment here to let me know when you're done and I'll enter you into a prize draw for your choice of prize.  First to reply to my email saying they've won will get first pick of the prizes.  If you link back to me in multiple formats e.g. Twitter and Instgram, then leave 2 comments and get 2 entries!

The giveaway is open to international folks too!  I'll be drawing names out of a hat 2 weeks from now, so Wednesday December 17th, a nice little surprise for you just before Christmas :-)


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